002. An overlong analysis of ^Z+fg crashing ncurses programs for gpm users

Mon, 25 May 2020 00:12:30 +0200

The post I made for #961097, which went through three packages (

  1. htop: segfaults after ^Z+fg on x32
  2. gpm: SIGTSTP handler segfaults programs
  3. libncurses6: unloads libgpm2 in SIGTSTP handler, process returns to unmapped address on resume

) is roughly the length of a blog post and something I would read as a blog post, so it may be interesting to other viewers as well.

Plus, it took me an entire day to write and the better part of a week to hunt down (by god it's bigger than either of the screenshots), so it definitely qualifies.

You can read it on debbugs, since reproducing plaintext with boxes in HTML is a massive pain (plus there's context there).

You may also be interested in the corresponding twitter thread.

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