008. AMIX fonts

Thu, 17 Nov 2022 22:36:33 +0100; go wild

Have been featured before, even on this blog, but never in such style:

Terminal screenshot with sunfont's all 96 glyphs displayed alongside the Unicode characters they represent in 2 columns Terminal screenshot with topaz's all 224 glyphs displayed alongside the Unicode characters they represent in 2 columns

As rendered by libfreetype 2.10.4+dfsg-1+deb11u1/libfontconfig 2.13.1-4.2.

Microsoft Word screenshot with lowercase vowels and uppercase consonants in both fonts

As rendered by WINWORD.EXE (yes, they're kinda goopy here; needs a skilled operator probably).

Blocks of all characters in topaz and sunfont, surrounded in an ellipse by /* THIS IS UNPUBLISHED PROPRIETARY SOURCE CODE OF */ in topaz /* UNIX System Laboratories, Inc. */ in sunfont

As rendered by Photoshop CS6 (AA disabled; the lines/checker-board from SYMBOLS FOR LEGACY COMPUTING got turned into flat squares, presumably because they post-date this product).


◆■␉␌␍␊°∓␤␋┘┐┌└┼▔🭷🭸🭺▁├┤┴┬│≤≥ ≠₤⋅▒

As rendered by your browser, hopefully.

The procedure can be found here, and is pretty much the same as I used in 2020, and generally uninteresting, except that it uses a novel (instead of awful) approach to integer-scaling the images, so if you disagree with my design/assignment decisions, you can trivially re-generate them.

Not that I expect those to matter much, given that these fonts suck shit for normal use. sunfont only covers 7-bit ascii; topaz mostly covers the Latin-1 Supplement + box-drawing and some dupes, which sounds great except that means no slavic languages, no greek, no… It's fun, the ducky g is cute, it's an art font, it's unsuitable for general use.

This distribution is made possible by potrace being configurable to not attempt to fix the paths, and generate 1:1 traces, including hard corners. It is additionally made easier by the image formats involved being entirely text, which makes hard-integer-scaling them trivial.

The distribution contains:

sunfont, a 96-character monospace 25x12px font, with baseline at 20px. (SVG)

sunfont, a 224-character monospace 8x8px font, with baseline at 7px. (SVG)

Both fonts include:

It is worth-while to note that the ¹UNIX® is a registered trademark of AT&T. stickers consist of pasted-together PNGs from the first iteration of this extraction, and this technique is both sufficient and superiour, if you don't need to drag these along a path in Photoshop.

Go wild: https://lfs.nabijaczleweli.xyz/0013-AMIX-fonts/.

For the purposes of traceability, these were generated with bullseye programs, with the exception of patched FontForge, see the generation transcript.

Nit-pick? Correction? Improvement? Annoying? Cute? Anything? Don't hesitate to post or open an issue!

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