"No gifts this year"

"Fuck, this one was supposed to be Othala, not Jera!"
"Well, it's too late now... Run for your goddamn lives!"
"What about the old man? Won't he get mad?"
"Whatever he'll do to us is better than what this one's gonna do if we don't run now. Now get a move on, you two!"

 "Where are the cherubs? Haven't heard them in a while."
"Oh, they're out summoning Stan; that's what they told me, anyway. They get so lonely in the season, wouldn't you say? Hard for them to get a friend anywhere close to here, eh?" *Sigh.*
"Well, as long as they're having fun..."

"Check who lives there, I remember his neighbourhood being pretty terrible."
"You're right. More than you'd ever want to."
*Encouraging silence.*
"We got..." *Deep breath.* "Satan."
"What the fuck should we do now? Tell the old man? He'll kill us."
"Well, so will goddamn Satan if we don't get away from here now."
"Alright, let's go. South."
"Too late... That's him."

"What is it, luv? Anything bothe..."
"Hush! What's that?"
"Can't hear anything..."
"By the nine... Stay here. Better yet, hide somewhere smell-proof!"

"So, we meet again, old 'friend'."
"You were hiding right. Not anymore. Your death is imminent."
"Would it surprise you to hear that I learned a couple of tricks, too?"

"Old man's tricks didn't do him much good, did they?"
"Not much you can do when your opponent moves faster than you can perceive it and interrupts the old-as-world cliché of pre-decisive-battle hero-villain conversation, is there?"
"At least he killed the thing..."
"...but it mutilated him first. Let's get out of here. Shit makes me queasy."

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