"Ghostly Lasers"

"Speak to me, father", I called loudly, "for I am in need of advice."
"Oh what is it with this bloody cat, it's getting louder by the day!" *Sigh.* "Might as well try calm it down with this, eh?"
My calls were answered: "Right, let's get over this quick, I don't've much time for this advice shit." Must've caught him mid-something, a pity. I liked to chat with him when he had time.
"Shouldn't he be chasing the laser instead of meowing at it?"
"No idea. Do continue meowing, though, seems to calm him down faster."

"Father, I turn to you for advice once again, for I am facing a conundrum of the century"
*Sigh.* "And that'd be?"
"I was wondering, whether, should I find myself in a situation..." My father's image flickered. "Are you listening?"
"Don't unclick the pointer! Is your hand shaking?"
"I just get excited by science in any and all forms, and you've got a notepad, so we're no longer just fucking around with our cat."

"I am listening."
"Should I find myself in a situation that presents itself as providing me two food sources, one of which is not meant for me, is it acceptable to consume food from both sources?"
My father's image seems to have steadied slightly as his voice was no longer bored. "Indeed, that is the question for a lifetime. I shall discuss it with the elders. I will get back to you tomorrow."
"My hand's shaking too much, take the pointer and I'll meow and take notes instead."
"Farewell, father." I bid and backed out of the room.
"So that's just it, eh? It just meows for the last time and leaves?"
"As is clearly evident. So what should we do with the notes?"
"No earthly idea, let's stash them somewhere and append to them next time."

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