"Six Minutes"

"'Ello, luv! What can do for ya'?"
Pfft. "Drop the damn pretense. Glad you're here. Pass me that pouch, would ya'?"
"Heavy stuff; what's in there? 'Новинки'*?"
"Heh, look at this one, for example." *Metal-metal clang.* *Click.* *Metal-metal clang.* "Ready? Observe!" *Explosion.*
"What happened to that guy's face?"
"Oh, y'know. It just kind of... ceased to exist."
"What's in these rounds?"
"Oh, various things. Observe!" *Metal-metal clang.* *Click.* *Metal-metal clang.* *Explosion.*
"That tank... just..."
"Exploded, yes."
"But you're not supposed to be able to do that with a bullet."
"Those are not ordinary rounds. They're manufactured by our capitalist 'friends' over in America. That's what they call an 'ayy-pee-aii', I think that stands for Armour-Piercing-Incendiary?"
"It pierces even tank-grade armour?"
"Clearly, yes. But you came here to discuss...?"
"You. Me. Us."
"Oh?" *Explosion.*
"You can stop accenting everything you say by shooting your rifle, y'know?"
"Fine." *Explosion.* Giggle. "A'ight, I'll stop. You were saying..."
"Yes, us."
*Encouraging silence.* *Explosion.*
"We can't stay here. Not for much longer, anyway. You know what they do to the likes of us, and they're growing suspicious already."
"You can rule me out of the equa-" *Explosion.* "-tion."
"Why? What's happened, luv? I thought you joined the army, and I followed, to finance our escape to your, as you called them, capitalist 'friends' over in the Americas."
"Well, yes. That was the plan at the time. And still is for you. As for me..." *Explosion.* "Good shit. ...as for me, I can't do that."
"Why, love? What happened? Can I help?"
"Guessing that's one way to break the news to you. I'm dying. I'm practically dead as is. Cancer, terminal. The doctor gave me a month or two. Increasing calcification, first of..." *Explosion.* "Meh. ...first of the skeleton, originating in my right shoulder, then spreading all the way to my brain**, and that's probably what's gonna kill me."
Sobbing. "No way to save you?"
"Nah, I enlisted with the army because if I die here it'll be probably less painful than what'd occur 'naturally'." *Explosion.*
Deepened sobbing.
"Oh come on, not even a faint smile for that?" Sigh. "I have a plan for you. After I die and your deployment ends you take my money, you have the account details, right?"
"You take my money, you should have enough, fly to America and find yourself a nice lass, alright?"
"Y- yes."
Growl. "Goddammit, soldier! How are you to respond to a higher-ranked officer!" *Explosion.*
Faint smile. "Yes, sir!"
"I knew I could get something out of you t'day. Gimme a hug and run. Save yourself. They've broken through our defences. Tell the others that I say that we won't hold up much longer."
*Hugging.* "I love you."
"I know. Now GO! See you in hell!"
Reassured. Determined. "Make Satan sorry he's met you!" *Distant sound of bootsteps.*
*Brass clatters in a leather pouch.*

*Новинка (rus) – novelty/gimmick.
**Cancer in the form of full brain calcification – I'm not a doctor but I think I heard that's possible?

I took the liberty of considering nonverbal parts of a conversation "dialogue", too.

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