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Just a general preface: I do not offer any kind of guarantees about the quality (other than that it increases over time), well-writtenness, readability (what is "correct" word order, what do you mean sextuply-compound sentences are unreadable, what do you mean they can't be 331 words long), or comedic value (save for the fact that it's usually high-context and maths based (I mean I'm a programmer, so)) of anything that follows (also I really like parens).

Some of these require some specific context to make sense, some do not make sense at all, but they're all presented in some (more-less original, see individual prefaces) form here. Some are just bad, or hold some scheiss biases – I'm mostly referring to the ones released before 2017, as 09.2016–06.2017 was an extremely formative period in, among other things, erasing shit that comes bundled with being from Poland, but cut fifteeen-year-old наб some slack.

Short stories:

Writing prompts:

Things otherwise existent:

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